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Home Improvements Guarantee

HIG Lite
Sussex Property Maintenance have teamed up with HIG

HIG are passionate about protecting homeowners whilst helping professional contractors to grow their business’s.

Over the years we have found that customers who are looking to hire contractors for their home improvement project have found the extra security of having an Insurance Backed Guarantee in place has provided the peace of mind needed for them to select that contractor over a rival that can not or will not provide such a guarantee on their workmanship.

The guarantee is also used to good effect by contractors as it provides them with the opportunity to offer a deposit protection insurance which not only protects their customer but allows them to confidently be able to ask for a deposit, which helps them to plan their work schedules with confidence whilst being able to satisfy the client that their funds are protected.

No contractor believes that they will no longer be trading in the future and indeed believe that in the unlikely event of there being a problem in the future they would be more than willing to correct this problem – however – the guarantee can cover for up to 10 years and if, for whatever reason, they do have to cease trading they have been able to give their clients the security that their company guarantee would be honoured by the insurance company.
The insurance backed guarantee is provided free of charge by the contractor with the insurance premium paid for by the contractor – thereby showing a financial responsibility to protect their clients whatever the future holds and to show them that they can have complete peace of mind when hiring them to make their home improvement projects a reality.

Full details about HIG that we offer our customers insurance backed guarantee can be found here http://www.higlite.co.uk/